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American Saddlebred Museum Saddlebred Sidewalk Brick

American Saddlebred Museum Saddlebred Sidewalk Brick

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Keeper Brick

Saddlebred Sidewalk Bricks are installed on an annual basis. Orders received after March 31, 2024 will be installed in 2025.

Looking for a way to pay homage to your favorite American Saddlebred? Look no further than the Saddlebred Sidewalk! This stunning walkway at the American Saddlebred Museum is adorned with over four thousand individually engraved bricks, each one celebrating a horse or pony that has made a positive impact on their breed, in the show ring, or in someone's life.

The best part? ALL American Saddlebreds, as well as Road Horses, Ponies, Hackney, and Harness Ponies, can be honored in the Sidewalk – no eligibility requirements needed. Whether you want to recognize a foundation sire, past champion, broodmare, show horse, or even your own beloved backyard companion, a brick on the Saddlebred Sidewalk is a permanent tribute to those special horses that have captured our hearts and earned our love and respect.

And it's not just a great way to honor your favorite equine – it's also a great way to support the American Saddlebred Museum. For a donation of just $150.00, you can acquire your very own engraved brick. And if you're looking for a keepsake to display in your home or garden, "keeper" bricks are available for $75.00 each, plus $15 for shipping. These come in two styles: an exact replica of the engraved Sidewalk brick, perfect for use as a doorstop or for display in your garden, and a one-inch thick paver brick with an engraved brass plate, ideal for showing off your love for your favorite horse.

So what are you waiting for? Join the many others who have already honored their favorite horses on the Saddlebred Sidewalk. And be sure to check out the brick locator book in the Museum's foyer to find your horse's brick, complete with the donor or owner's name, city, and state.

If you have purchased a brick for the sidewalk in the past and would like to get a keeper brick separately, please visit this page.

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