2018 Art Contest Note Cards

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The American Saddlebred Museum’s Young Adult Committee once again hosted their annual Art Contest! The contest gets bigger and bigger each year, and artists have the option of selling their work during the exhibition with 50% or 100% of the proceeds benefiting the museum. 

In addition, a selected group of entries were used to create note cards-those entries are listed below:

  • "Chrome and Honey" Oil Panting by Ellen Medley MacEwan
  • "Waiting for the Call" Graphite Drawing by Karly Morgan
  • "Arrowhead's Once In A Lifetime" Pastel by Lauren Ball
  • "The Horse America Made" Photograph by Sarah Bennett
  • Photograph by Sydney Carter
  • Watercolor Painting by Larry Witter

One picture of each included in a set. Envelopes included.