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100 Horses in History

100 Horses in History

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100 Horses in History-True Stories of Horses Who Shaped Our World chronicles the lives and adventures of some of history's most fascinating horses. 

You will find Secretariat, the Throroughbred juggernaut who won the Triple Crown in 1973 and set still-standing records. Black Joe, the riderless army horse who escorted the body of John F. Kennedy to Arlington National Cemetery. Babe, the high-diving mare of the early 1900s, and the cow pony who help New York politician Theodore Roosevelt recover from personal tragedy and become the youngest President of the United States. 

Not to mention, a special feature on famous American Saddlebreds-Silver, Black Beauty, Mister Ed, Flicka and Silver. 

"Entertaining and engaging, this lively work will delight anyone interested in horses with its facts and fantasies about famous horses from the past to the present. Breezy writing and an attractive mix of photos and illustrations present a charming package." - American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards Judge

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