Piccoli Mini with Horse

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We make toys and learning experiences to inspire love, kindness and empathy

Horses are kind, empathetic and protect each other. Together the herd is strong. This vision inspired us to create Piccoli Horses for children around the world to learn the language of another: to love, to learn, and to be kind.

Toy & App, love and kindness

In case you are wondering, our plush horses don't have any electronics, and our app is not here to get your child hooked on technology. Our plush toy horses are cuddly and soft, designed in Kentucky from the highest quality, softest fabrics. Our learning app introduces children to learning little words in new languages while exercising their whole bodies through physical play. Everything we make is to inspire children of kindness for each other and love for our amazing planet.

Every Piccoli horse comes with a unique Piccoli Herd name

Please enter the Name code below. You can find the code in the saddle pocket of your Piccoli plush horse.
(Flip your horse's saddle over to find the hidden pocket!)