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Crafty Ponies are gorgeous soft toy ponies/horses. Each pony comes with its own passport booklet which is full of useful information to help children learn how to care for their pony. The manes and tails are made from cotton.

The Bridle:

Included is a black leather bridle made similar to a real bridle. It has a headpiece, throatlash, browband, cheekpieces, noseband, reins and loose ring snaffle bit that can go in the horse's mouth. Not to forget, the 5 page instruction booklet included so children can learn how to take the bridle apart and put it back together again, with the bit the correct way up.

The Saddle:

Included is a black leather saddle has all the parts that a real saddle has including stirrups and stirrup leathers. Stirrup bars, girth straps, girth, saddle flap, panel and seat. Saddle pad included. Not to forget, the 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet so children can learn all the parts and uses of a saddle. 

Blanket Set:

Included is the blanket set, which consists of everything your pony/horse needs to be comfortable in the stable or even traveling to a show! There is a halter and lead rope so you can tie up your pony/horse while you are putting his blanket and leg wraps. Also, not to forget the instructional booklet that helps to learn about the items in the set as well as how they are taken on or off-it also teaches you how to tie a quick release knot so you can tie up your pony/horse.

Includes the pony/horse and passport booklet, bridle and bridle instructional booklet, saddle and saddle instructional booklet, blanket set and blanket instructional booklet

Dun Blanket set and accessories are purple.

Grey blanket set and accessories are pink.