American Saddlebred Museum Plush Horse with Learning App

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Straight from The Horse's Mouth:

"I am a horse, there is nothing inside me except love. I am perfectly snuggly, no matter how old you are. Child development experts call me a transitional object, a toy children like to take everywhere - like a best friend. Some might have a teddy bear, doll or blanket. I happen to think horses are the best. I even come with my own unique name for you to discover. And you get an adoption certificate."


Meet the ASB Museum's exclusive Piccoli Horse. 

Each horse comes with a unique code underneath its saddle pad for you to go online and discover its unique show name (there are no two horses named the same).

With your purchase you gain access to Piccoli Pals app-the app is very easy to use. Once you've downloaded the app, there is an easy to follow guide for adults at the beginning to get you started. The app can be found on the i Tunes Store, GooglePlay. 


The app was created by early childhood development teachers, parents and kids and other language experts. Piccoli continues to update, improve and expand the learning app, which was designed to introduce children to the fun of learning little words in different languages.


What's in the app?

Language develops when you speak your words aloud and move your whole body. Piccoli Pals app makes learning languages a fun adventure by going on a zoo visit.