Specialty Tea

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Our museum exclusive specialty teas are the perfect gift-from Apricot & Peach, Breakfast Blend, Cinnamon Apple, and Lemon Lavender there is a flavor (or two) for everyone. 

  • Apricot & Peach Green Tea

Perk up your day with a taste of Peach and Apricot Green Tea. This fruity tea will leave you feeling energized. Contains caffeine. 

  • Breakfast Blend Black Tea

Enjoy this hearty blend of Assam, Ceylon and Keemun teas at the beginning of or throughout your day. Tastes great with a splash of milk or naturally on its own. Contains caffeine. 

  • Cinnamon Apple Herbal Blend

A warm herbal blend with the warmth of cinnamon and complimented with mild apple flavoring. Caffeine-free. 

  • Lemon Lavender Green Tea

Naturally refreshing Lemongrass is softened by delicate Lavender. Contains caffeine. 

With their signature sachets, it allows room for the tea leaves to expand-ensuring a better brew. Each sachet brews 2-3 cups or a small pot of tea. Includes 12 tea bags per tin.  

Not to forget, each tea is made in the USA, and gluten free.