Victory Pass

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By Susan Archer. Victory Pass is the third book in a series that began with Stake Night and continued with Show Time. I recommend that you read those books first to become familiar with the horse and human characters. In Show Time, only a few minutes before her horse was to enter the ring, Missy Phillips chose to ride in the Five-Gaited World Championship herself. She insisted her trainer, the vindictive Johnnie Stuart, dismount, causing an angry scene in the warm-up ring. Deprived of an opportunity for glory and embarrassed in front of his colleagues, Johnnie vowed to get even with Missy. In Victory Pass, Missy’s decision causes her new trainers to deal with Johnnie’s wrath, while striving to build a successful business with a few good horses and cantankerous clients. They work to make their clients happy and successful, dealing with setbacks and challenges that threaten their future. Most of the characters from previous books reappear as they continue their quests to win the most coveted prize in the Saddlebred industry. There are also some new human and equine characters and themes in this story that I hope you will enjoy. Soft Cover. 273 Pages.