Cut Back

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Cut Back is the fifth book in a series that began with Stake Night and continued with Show TimeVictory Pass, and Leg Up. You should read those books first to become familiar with the horse and human characters, many of whom reappear as they continue their quests to win the most coveted prize in the American Saddlebred show horse industry, a World Championship.

Cut Back takes place immediately after the end of Leg Up, in which the highest performing and most prolific American Saddlebred stallion has been secretly diagnosed with a disease that is suspected to be genetic. His owner struggles to understand her obligation to disclose the diagnosis while show season is still underway. We also continue to follow the career of a young and talented rider, who struggles to afford a nice horse that she trains herself. In this book, she becomes an assistant trainer in one of the best barns in the industry and struggles to learn all she must about training horses and coaching amateur riders. And in an interesting turn of events, Johnnie Stuart returns to Kentucky. After previously earning a lifetime ban for trampling a ring steward when he was disqualified in the gaited stake, Johnnie finds a way to challenge the ban, and vows he will make the industry pay for depriving him of the spotlight for more than six years. In Cut Back, a new generation of show horses emerges, bringing their owners, riders, and trainers a roller coaster year of disappointments and triumphs.